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Grsecurity Maintenance

Open Source Security, Inc develops and maintains grsecurity®, a secure drop-in replacement for the Linux kernel. Customers obtain annual subscriptions of updates and support, with more in-depth work available via a Pro Support offering.

Third-Party Integrations

As part of Pro Support, our engineers are able to adapt any third party code with available source code to grsecurity's enhanced security. In general, these improvements are made available to all customers.

Custom Development

Either as part of Pro Support for smaller projects, or via separate contracts for larger work, our world-class engineers are able to create custom defenses designed to your specifications.

Our Services

Open Source Security, Inc's current service offerings focus around grsecurity®, a secure drop-in replacement for the Linux kernel that offers improved access control, eliminates several classes of vulnerabilities and exploitation vectors, and greatly improves resistence against memory unsafety and speculation-based attacks.

As the creators of the technologies behind DEP, ASLR, CFI, and most other industry-standard memory unsafety defenses, our expertise is unmatched in the areas of OS and compiler-based security.

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