An Unmatched Track Record of Effective Defense

Open Source Security, Inc exists to both fill the void left by underfunded and understaffed attention to security in Linux and advance the state of the art in system defense. As creators of the technologies behind DEP, ASLR, CFI, and many other defensive measures adopted in one form or another by all modern operating systems, Open Source Security, Inc's track record for understanding vulnerabilities and creating effective defenses is unmatched in the industry.

Open Source Security, Inc develops and maintains grsecurity®, a secure drop-in replacement for the Linux kernel.

The company's central office is based in Lancaster, PA USA with employees operating both locally and remotely across the USA and Europe.

Open Source Security, Inc combines its deep expertise with swift and detailed support for its customers. It acts as a trusted advisor and an extension of the security and kernel engineering teams of its customers across several industries with high security needs that cannot be filled anywhere else.

We're Actively Hiring for Several Local and Remote Positions

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