Linux Kernel Engineer

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Position Summary

In this role, you will enhance and expand our team's existing work in maintaining several stable Linux kernel versions enhanced with grsecurity. Our maintenance involves following upstream mailing lists and commits, backporting relevant fixes with security impact, fuzzing the kernel with syzkaller and resolving reported findings from our enhanced instrumentation, and promptly and accurately resolving any customer-reported issues.

While solid understanding and experience in the C standard is necessary, past experience in creation of security defenses is not. If you're interested in compiler-based defenses, you will have the opportunity to explore those interests with us, but it will not be a requirement of the role.

As our work involves all areas of the kernel, applicant should be a voracious consumer of anything related to the Linux kernel. We work with the deep innards of the kernel on a daily basis; the applicant should be completely comfortable in that environment as well to be able to adhere to our high standards.

Essential Functions

  • Assist in Linux kernel maintenance
  • Review syzkaller reports for upstream bugs/vulnerabilities and provide tested fixes
  • Add missing syzkaller templates for improved fuzzing results
  • Triage, debug, and resolve reported issues
  • Assist in code review
  • Assist in identifying and backporting fixes for identified upstream bugs/vulnerabilities missed by the upstream LTS process
  • Assist in development of content for Customer Knowledge Base, blog posts

Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor's or higher level degree in Computer Science/Engineering, OR a large corpus of published code
  • Mastery of git, GCC, and binutils
  • 5+ years of Linux kernel development experience covering multiple subsystems (e.g. networking, memory management, filesystems)
  • Expert in C development and specification
  • Experience and interest in security
  • Knowledge of common mistakes and vulnerabilities in the Linux kernel
  • Strong debugging/reverse-engineering/crash analysis skills
  • Deep low-level knowledge of one or more of x86/ARM/ARM64
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Self-motivated and eager to learn


  • Remote employment available
  • Flexible working hours
  • Annual bonus program
  • Training budget
  • US-only: generous 401(k) matching program - 100% up to 6% of salary, immediate vesting
  • Health/dental/vision insurance
  • Private offices available in Lancaster PA
  • Working in an R&D-heavy company driving the state of the art in security
  • Conference travel (when in-person is possible again)
  • Opportunity to grow your Linux kernel development skills to help solve the most challenging cybersecurity problems